Touch4Talks: From Concept To High-Quality Digital Solutions 

Zverejnené: Oct 12. 2023
Touch4Talks - Richard - Founder at Touch4IT

We have been working as a "one-stop shop" company for years, delivering end-to-end services from concept to realization, including design, UX/UI, implementation, and ongoing support. Learn more about our approach in cooperation with clients in a short interview with, Richard Roštecký, Executive Director.  

What does the “one-stop shop" approach entail?  

When a client seeks to develop a digital product, they'll discover a wealth of expertise within our software house. With us, they can bring their digital product to life, starting from the initial concept, through consultations, to the realization of their ideas. We offer services encompassing design, impeccable UX/UI, multi-platform implementation, ongoing operation, and potential support, as well as essential data processing and business intelligence to align with their business objectives. 

Why is the “one-stop shop” approach more advantageous for clients compared to a multi-supplier model?  

The primary advantage of partnering with a company like ours lies in consistent communication with the same team from project inception through operation, support, and further system development. Additionally, a significant value-add is the streamlined communication between diverse teams, sparing clients the need to seek out multiple suppliers. In an industry where integrating with different companies often proves time-consuming, we offer an all-encompassing solution under one roof. This approach, I believe, enables us to deliver top-tier digital products that make a substantial impact. 

How do our services assist clients in addressing their challenges and enhancing their business? 

To illustrate, let's consider a client from the US for whom we provide an information system. In this project, we epitomize the one-stop shop concept: we craft designs, manage backend development, create front-ends, both web and mobile applications, tackle business intelligence, and integrate with various devices and institutions across the US. Another example is Greenway, with whom we've collaborated for several years on digital product development—specifically, mobile applications. We've been responsible for UX/UI design, active ideation consultation, MVP preparation, native Android and iOS app development, and ongoing support. 

How do we ensure unwavering focus and tailor-made solutions for each client?  

As a software house, our substantial client base is an asset. It allows us to leverage knowledge gained from diverse projects effectively, resulting in a high level of expertise in various domains. Simultaneously, our clients can trust that our team remains dedicated to their project from inception to completion, without any team changes. 


When a client hails from a particular industry, we assemble a team to ensure the utmost domain expertise based on prior projects. A recent example involves a client seeking a custom attendance system for their manufacturing facility. We engaged team members who had previously worked on similar projects and possessed an intimate understanding of manufacturing processes, enhancing the relevance of our inquiries beyond what could be achieved without prior knowledge. 




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